Anaphylaxis Essentials

Anaphylaxis essentials has been developed using RCUK’s national evidence-based guidelines to ensure healthcare providers have the knowledge they need to identify and treat anaphylaxis.

Four modules: £30 (incl. VAT).

Why choose our course?

The Anaphylaxis essentials has been developed use RCUK’s national evidence-based guidelines which guarantee that health and care professionals across the UK share the same knowledge base surrounding teamwork and practice.

This course focuses on early identification and treatment and includes recognition of anaphylaxis in different skin tones. The course includes questionnaires at the end of each module to help you test your knowledge.

The modules

  • Introduction to anaphylaxis
  • Recognition of anaphylaxis
  • Initial treatment
  • Discharge and follow up

Module accessibility

Our modules have been reviewed by accessibility specialists and include the following functionality to aid with accessibility for users:

  • screen-reader compatibility
  • keyboard navigation
  • accessible and inclusive use of colours to support those with visual impairments
  • responsive design to the users’ preferred screen size
  • mobile/tablet compatibility
  • full instructions for each module.

We are working on making Anaphylaxis essentials available for integration on Learning Management Systems. If you are interested in purchasing multiple licences, please get in touch.