Basic Life Support Instructor course

The Basic Life Support Instructor (BLSi) course has been created by Resuscitation Council UK to empower first aid Instructors and others teaching Basic Life Support (BLS), on how to deliver effective, confidence-inspiring and inclusive teaching to a high standard.

This innovative BLS Instructor course will set new standards for teaching BLS and ensure more people are appropriately taught the skills they need to save a life.

Seven modules: £75 (incl. VAT)

Why choose BLSi?

The BLSi course is designed to:

  • dispel myths of BLSi training
  • empower BLS Instructors to teach with confidence
  • include inclusive and accessible training techniques
  • teach the science behind CPR
  • work for approving bodies as well as community groups
  • integrate easily with other learning management systems.

The course is comprised of seven e-learning modules featuring presenter-led video sections, a real-life BLS demonstration video and engaging, inclusive slides. The content has been created by experienced clinicians and educationalists and external diversity and inclusivity focused organisations.

Watch an overview of BLSi


The modules

  • The science behind BLS
  • Planning and delivering your session (Adult CPR/AED)
  • Frequently asked questions and myth busting
  • Equipment and resources
  • Ethical and legal considerations in Basic Life Support
  • Delivering inclusive BLS training
  • Neurodiversity and Specific Learning Differences

Module accessibility features

Our modules have been reviewed by accessibility specialists and include the following functionality to aid with accessibility for users:

  • screen-reader compatibility
  • keyboard navigation
  • accessible and inclusive use of colours to support those with visual impairments
  • responsive design to the users’ preferred screen size
  • mobile/tablet compatibility
  • PDF scripts of videos
  • full instructions for each module.

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